Ohhhhhh, this book.

When I picked it up, I had seen the trailer for the movie and i was so excited about it.. I mean Khaleesi and Finnick in a movie together, this book must be amazing.

It did not disappoint. I must confess that It took me two years to finally get to the last page,. Well I knew what was coming and I couldn’t bare to read it. I liked will and Lou soo much and I knew i would cry. *spoiler*

I mean when you read a sort of romance novel, you want a happy ending… most people read to escape their reality and jump into a world of happiness and possibility and not to experience life in the book… That’s my opinion here of course.But then again I am getting ahead of myself, let’s start from the beginning.

Enter Louise Clarke, just lost her job at Frank’s cafe and needs a job to help out with the family, since her dad might also be getting the boot. (this is real life peaking in- being responsible for your family and being the little shoulders they lean on)

Louisa with no formal training, get sent to the Traynor residence for an interview for the position of care-giver to a  quadriplegic member of the Traynor household. The Traynor’s are well to do and own and live in the grounds next to the Castle, the tourist attraction in their little little village.


Louisa Clarke is beautiful, funny, and wears the most bright and unconventional clothes to suit her bubbly personality.

As the story unfolds, Louisa learns to care for Will and a friendship is formed. We see both characters grow and learn in each chapter.

Lou then embarks on getting Will to love life again, after she finds out he wants to go to Switzerland to have assisted suicide. She takes him to a concert, they attend his ex-girlfriend and his best friend’s wedding and even go overseas. She works so hard and he accepts it all gracefully as he believes she needs to find what she wants in life and to see what the world has to offer.


Lets not forget to mention Louisa’s boyfriend, teh running man.. I end here with him….

To sum it all up, the book is an amazing story of an unconventional love story.. It will warm your soul and also break your heart.

After two years of not wanting to read the ending, i finally did and it was sad and beautiful.. Jojo Moyes is an amazingly talented and gifted storyteller.


To top it all off, the movie was great 10 out out 10 adaptation of book to film but that’s a whole other blog…

Remember to live, love and be you. In life sometimes we will meet someone will will change our perspective on life, they will push us to be the best version of ourselves. When you find such a person listen to them, live love and be you….



Lee Jun Ki


Today i dedicate this day to my new love Lee Jun Ki or as he is known in my heart as my fourth prince…..

I have been looking at my favourite k-drama girl blogger Fangirl addict and i came across her article on pretty and talented k-drama actors. My guy Lee Jun Ki was on the list and I thought why not dedicate todays post to him lol… yup we k-drama fans are craaaazy…

I have to be honest here as I have only seen LJK in Scarlet Heart Reyo- Moon Lovers.. and i loved him ever since… soon I will watch Arang and the magistrate and Criminal Minds..

As much as moon lovers was so sad and depressing towards teh end and jas put me off historical k-drama’s, LJK and UI’s chemistry and acting was on point 100 percent..

I look forward to seeing more of LJK… he is gorgeous and amazingly talented in my opinion..

sacred heart reyo.

I also think that his eyes are his best feature… the intensity and honesty in them as the damaged fourth prince who once he made up his mind was true to himself and his girl… swoooooon

lee joon ki swooooon again….



More swoooning….


Happy Lee Jun Ki day xxx



Firstly, the cast was absolutely amazing, daebak!!!!!

Gong Yoo, Lee Dong wook, Kim Eun-tak, Yoo In-na and Yook Sungjae… made a great cast.

Now to the review, bearing in mind this is my first movie/series review…

I decided to watchd Goblin after a friend recommended it to me and made me promise to watch it. I am now thankful she pestered me……

Episode one- as it started i was wondering , if this was a historical drama and also drooling over the general Kim Shin haha. There may be a few spoilers in here- sorry.. Just watch the drama…..:)

I am agreat fan of fantasy film and i really was looking forward to see what this goblin is all about. I was not disappointed at all.

As we venture into the next episodes and see how Eun tak meets Kim Shin and her ability to see ghosts, then comes one of my favourite parts when Eun tak is kidnapped by the loan sharks and the Goblin and Grim reaper come to her rescue…. swoon:)

The chemistry between Eun tak and Kim Shin is amazing, on point and swon worthy.  The script was on point as we are seeing these two characters trying to navigate through their new relationship, how they fall in love with each other and understand their destiny.

The part when Eun-tak is complaining to KIm Shin about him being a crappy guardian who did not grant her a wish to have a boyfriend and he shouts that “your boyfriend is here standing in front of you”… perfect!!!!!!

Then the relationship between the grim reaper and the goblin… bromance to perfection!!!!! How they think they do not like each other but end up needing each other.. I love it when they would sit and drink and think about their girl problems.

Sunny not sun hae- she is beautiful, I did not particularly like her character i guess the writers where going for a no nonsense, straight talking conpanion for the grim reaper..

Yu Deok Hwa oppa- awwwww so cute, his character was a lovely burst of life and he is funny.

In conclusin, Goblin is a great Drama, if you are into fantasy shows with a lot of awwwww and ohhhhh romantic moments then make this drama a priority to watch… I gave it 5 star rating, great writting, the script was perfect and teh chemistry between the main characters was daebak!! awesome including the bromance between Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook.
And of course your heart will love you for watching this… I mean who doesnt love Gong Yoo Oppa and Lee Dong Wook Oppa!!! SARANGHAE!!!!

May 2016

Its been a while since my last blog post, i forgot my password.. ha ha

Well May in Zambia is the beginning of the cold season and it is very cold here in Ndola.  Make sure you carry a jacket and scarf and do not let the sun deceive you, its 24 degrees now and it will get cooler as the sun is setting.  I will post pictures soon.

Have a lovely Friday, God bless and do not forget to pray